Move Your World

Our innovative products, spaces and services that originated from the MQ movement
will move your life and the world.

“MQ, Move Your World”

We exist to move and delight the world
through constant connection and creation.

Representative Yigeun Kim

MQ NETWORKS is a company that performs from import/channel distribution to excellent sales and marketing. We cover all domestic distribution channels such as large discount stores/convenience stores, department stores, drug stores, supermarkets, and online channels, and we are establishing ourselves as one of the few comprehensive distribution companies in Korea. We will continue to strengthen our current global network and continue to invest to complete our Total Platform in Korea to advance into a global company recognized in both domestic and overseas markets.

MQ LOGISTICS is a comprehensive logistics company based on 3rd party logistics (3PL) that provides services such as freezing/refrigeration warehouses, various distribution packaging, customs clearance and bonded facilities, and logistics consulting while directly operating a number of large distribution centers in the metropolitan area. Currently, new logistics centers are constantly being added, and we are contstantly making efforts to introduce new systems to increase productivity and to develop overseas logistics (introduction of augmented reality system through Google Glass, etc.).

MQ DEVELOPMENT HOLDINGS is an investment development company that conducts development projects related to commercial and business facilities, including distribution centers, and investment development consulting and direct investment of other companies. Currently, we are expanding our business areas to include factories, offices, and residential areas, and we are also pursuing overseas investment development through active reviews. 

MQ creates synergy by connecting and creating new values in each of our business areas.

MQ will evolve into an accelerator that discovers, connects and creates new possibilities beyond being a logistics and distribution specialist.

Global business! Go global with MQ. Thank you.

Representative Yigeun Kim